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The average couple waits six years before seeking help for marital problems.


The average couple waits six long years (that’s 52,560 hours, 3,153,600 minutes, and 189,216,000 seconds, in case you’re counting) before they get help. It’s a number that needs to change. After all, that’s six years of being an unhappy person, waking up next to another unhappy person. So if you know your marriage needs help, don’t let a year go by without getting it. And definitely don’t let six years go by.

But if you have, it’s still not too late. Honest.

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The decision to get help with a struggling marriage is a sign of weakness and failure.


If you feel like your marriage needs a tune-up, you’re normal. Seeking professional help shows your commitment to your spouse, your marriage, your kids, your health, your finances, and your overall happiness. Which is actually a pretty courageous thing to do.

Be brave, it's worth it!


People who get professional help never argue again because they’re too busy gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.


It’s good communication, not magic. When you and your spouse decide to work on your marriage with a professional, you’ll learn new ways to recognize and resolve conflicts. So disagreements will still come up, but they’ll end up in a much better place than before.

It’s all about the Benjamins baby!


Professional help will fix your marriage, or your money back!


The real fix to your marriage actually comes from you and your spouse. But never underestimate the power of a good coach. Working with a professional can help you identify and see your problems from a new perspective, while teaching you how to resolve conflict, build trust, and improve communication with your spouse.

Talk to me, baby.


Marriage professionals always advise couples to stay together, no matter how messed up things are.


A marriage professional can help you in your decision to recommit and make your marriage a happy one, but they can also help you identify reasons why the marriage is unhealthy for you and your spouse. Either way, it’s an important step to getting to a happier place in your life.

Maybe it's time to call in the professionals!


Marriage is tough. It takes work, commitment, and a lot of love. And sometimes it even takes working with a professional to help you and your spouse smooth out the rough spots. When things get shaky with your marriage, take the time to talk with someone who can help. Together or individually, you and your partner deserve to be happy.

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“Open yourself up to being vulnerable so that you can work together.”


“Extremely clear communication.”


“Honesty. Don’t pretend that something that bothers you is going to get better.”


“Don’t keep secrets!”


“If you’re going to fight do it naked.”