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3 Reasons to Marry Him

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Be happy or be married. You have to choose one.


Go ahead and pick both. Research shows married women are more likely to be highly satisfied with their lives compared to their single peers. And guess who was more likely to drink too much and experience higher levels of depression?

Single ladies, put your hands up.

  • Hymowitz, Carroll, Wilcox and Kaye, The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, Knot Yet: The Benefits & Cost of Delayed Marriage in America, 2013


Being married is like some kind of reverse gym. It will destroy my health.


Forgive us for stating the obvious, but a healthy marriage is, well, healthy. A female health study found that women in happy marriages have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than singles, and are less likely to get heart disease.

Let’s see a cleanse that can do that.

  • Gallo, Troxel, Matthews and Kuller, Health Psychology, Vol 22, No. 5, Marital Status and Quality in Middle-Aged Women, 2003


Compared to singles, married people have more money.


Yep. The per person net worth of married individuals is almost double that of singles. Of course, there’s more to a strong marriage than money, but it tends to come in handy when you want to cross a few tropical islands off your bucket list.

Marriage is like giving yourself a raise.

  • W. Bradford Wilcox, Why Marriage Matters, Third Edition, 2011


We need to live together first. Because roommates make the best spouses.


Lots of things contribute to a happy marriage. Living together first isn’t one of them. A 2014 research project found that only 31% of those who lived together prior to marrying felt their marriage relationship was high-quality. Know what did help? Pretty much any form of marriage preparation—stuff like classes, books, and quality time like long talks on the beach.


  • Rhoades and Stanley, The National Marriage Project, Before I Do, 2014


Turns out when you put a ring on it, you get more than a good song—you get a pretty good life, too. That is unless you’re against having more money, better health, a stronger family, and more happiness. For everyone else, marriage is a great way to add to that wonderful little ball of awesome that’s you.

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“She knows how to be honest with me, but not completely crush me.”


“Someone I can rely on.”


“Someone who can be a best friend but you can trust more than a best friend.”


“Someone who will be there through whatever life brings.”


“Someone who can bring out the best of your days and the best of you.”


“Someone who will build me up rather then break me down.”


“Someone who has the same beliefs and morals that I do.”