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Reasons to consider marriage

What is the difference between being married & living together?


Wanna lend me a couple thousand dollars? Because we can’t afford to get married.


Worried that marriage vows include a vow of poverty? Don’t. Did you know that married individuals are likely to have twice as much money as a single person? Now multiply that by two. Then add tax benefits (like a $12,600 deduction). In case you didn’t do the math, that equals $$$.

It's all about the Benjamins baby!

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Do you know my boyfriend? If we got married, it would make him miserable.


Worried he’d rather get bitten by a zombie than get married? The truth isn’t so terrifying. Married men tend to report lower levels of stress and are much less likely to die early than men who don’t get married.

You’re the best thing that ever happened to him.

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Forget him. Are you trying to kill me? Getting married will just add more stress to my life.


If marriage was a pill, it would be a wonder drug. Studies have shown that married women experience less job stress, financial stress, and relationship stress, all of which happen to suck. And a female health study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh found that women in healthy marriages experienced lower levels of depression, anxiety, and anger.

All those things suck, too!

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Marriage can help keep your kids out of detention.


Some kids beg their parents for a bike. Other kids beg their parents for an alibi. Luckily, children raised in married families have, on average, higher grades, better emotional health, and fewer behavioral problems. And married couples who have children in their twenties are three times more likely to stay together than couples who are just living together.


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Funny what a piece of paper can do. Marriage has the power to help you live a happier, less stressful, healthier, more stable life. If that’s important to you, find out if it’s also important to your significant other. And try not to faint from shock if he just happens to agree with you.

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“I’ve lived with a former boyfriend and that didn’t work out.”


“There’s a feeling of security that he’s always going to be there.”


“There’s a special bond that you develop when you're married that doesn’t exist before.”


“I think you have a greater commitment to each other.”


“More satisfaction, more commitment and more contentment in your decisions.”


“It’s a security blanket that we’re in this together no matter what.”